A colourful journey

Stephen Fry takes us on a colourful journey through the tales and myths of ancient Greek heroes. Some of the stories I knew, or thought I knew. Others were an incredible surprise.

The text is lifted by his superb grasp of the English language. At no point does the book drag or merely seem to be telling us stuff for the sake of it. I will admit to getting confused and have trouble remembering all the names and places. He alludes to the problem himself and has included a comprehensive list of characters at the back.

There appears to be nothing the gods and heroes weren't capable of. Incest, infanticide, murder, bestiality come at you thick and fast.

I would recommend this for entertainment alone but is also a great source of ideas and inspiration for your own stories. And so much of what went on has been carried down in names and sayings into our media fixated society. Long live the legends!