The Unseen

The Unseen

Your life has ended abruptly. The reason and cause unclear. There can be no eternal rest until you know how and why this happened. Where would you start? Who is to blame? Was it avoidable, inevitable, an accident or murder?
Follow Scott as he tumbles uncontrollably through a confusing array of experiences, each fragment piecing together a revealing picture of himself and the key players in his world. The final realisation emerges like a knife in the darkness, ready to tear apart the truths he had built his life upon.
The Unseen by Chris Cloake takes the reader on a personal journey of absolution that will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever questioned the path of their existence. For lovers of challenging fiction that seeks answers by ripping open the fragile curtain we hide behind, this book is a must.
Buy The Unseen and share the hope and despair, the romance and hate that we all endure. And ask yourself, when you look back into the past, how much do you really understand?

The best thing he's written so far.


The Unseen An exciting new novel

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