I wanted to give this three and a half stars. I love the subject matter and the easy way we can enter the world of the norse gods. The language is uncomplicated and the book avoids the sprawl of other tales of this nature. The pace is keen and engaging throughout.

Herein lies my dilemma. As a writer myself I was aware of the lack of depth in the descriptions. I'm not sure if this work is aimed at adults or a younger audience. It can work for both (as can most books!).

I got a little tired of the over use of Yours Truly and Humble Narrator phrases. Perhaps I was supposed to. Loki is an anti-hero to like and loathe in equal measure.

I was confused by Loki's motives. Again, maybe he was too. Did he seek acceptance or destruction? I wondered if the author really knew. And if Loki is such a child of chaos, why is he so scared of it at the end?