Essential reading - A review of T H White's 'Once and Future King'

Five books in one! Difficult to give a final rating as I preferred some to others. Four stars are earned if for nothing more than the monumental effort this work must have required. And it is on subject that is well documented and studied. Myths about King Arthur seem to exist everywhere in Britain.

If you like a fantasy adventure this is obviously for you. And a long story it is. Each novel covers a different character. There are some passages that are admirable. The use of language and the visions this conjures is to be applauded. It feels like an essential part of anyone's reading list who is interested in the history.

I did not like the references to modern day phrases / knowledge. It threw the mystery and atmosphere off for me by mixing the ages.

I would be proud to complete a project like this. I am in the process and understand what a labour of love this must have been.