Lessons from the past

A fascinating insight into what many believe they know and understand. Prepare to think again. This is a much more complicated subject than popular media portrays. What happened at Auschwitz must never be forgotten, for the sake of ourselves and all who perished in such an appalling way.

The book is littered with details of crimes against humanity. The human race makes a very poor showing. We are supposed to be the most intelligent things on the planet yet this part of contemporary history shows us to be the stupidest, weakest, most sadistic and easily led.

The quality of the journalism is very good. Incisive, thoughtful, not prone to the obvious, it leads the reader through a terrible set of circumstances and helps throw light on the psychology of everyone involved, using first hand knowledge wherever possible.

So I recommend this to anyone. We live in an age where many are driven by social media like brainless sheep (no insult intended towards sheep). This kind of real, thoughtful study is what we need more of to help us understand the full picture and not what we want, or are told, to believe.