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Wonderful, colourful.

A wonderful, colourful trip through a British year. I learned while I loved. It makes you want to get out there, see and hear for yourself and generally appreciate all four seasons.

Infinitely better than phone scrolling, this is a book in all its glory. Read on.

Nature to the fore

This author had great imagination and good experience of the subject. I was transported in the jungles of India, just as the title promises. I loved the understanding of animals, seeing the world through their eyes. They have a hidden existence that we will never be able to fully appreciate.

Essentially this is for children. As an adult I found the writing thoroughly engaging and different to the way I remember it yeats ago.

In these days where nature is getting more marginalised every year, this book reads like a champion of conservation, celebrating wildlife and the way it all fits together.

There will be a few who might take offence at some colonial references but this is actual history and you can't change facts and attitudes that have passed.

Naturally wonderful

This man never fails to entertain. He has the voice you listen to, whoever you are.

The tales within this volume are fascinating, just like the previous one. I never tire of this.

When it comes to it, the natural world beats everything in importance.

We can only hope for more.