Beyond The Dominion - OUT NOW!

Finally, Nancy is free. Long kept locked away by the ‘normal’ people of the dominion for being a Disfigure, considered ugly and dangerous, she seeks a distant shore and a cure to the affliction she knows will kill her.

This is to be a tough journey through mysterious lands full of fantastic creatures. She must call on great courage and use her special powers to negotiate the perils and face powerful men with their own agenda. Does she have the guile and determination to survive? How much will she sacrifice for success? And are all of her efforts to be in vain?
In this novella - Beyond the Dominion, highly acclaimed author Chris Cloake takes you back to the epic fantasy world of his Dominion Trilogy. If you love deep story telling and inspiring imagination, you won’t want to miss this special addition to his work.

Get Beyond the Dominion and prepare to be transported to a land of aching beauty.