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Why I wrote Seven Days

The idea behind my book 'Seven Days' started when I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a gripping tale in a short timescale after the near century I covered in the previous book.

I also wanted the story to centre on one small community to add to the intensity.  I opted for a strong, young female lead who blamed themselves for the crisis and had an interesting mix of confidence and naivety.

If you want to find out more this is the link to the book.

Beyond The Dominion - OUT NOW!

Finally, Nancy is free. Long kept locked away by the ‘normal’ people of the dominion for being a Disfigure, considered ugly and dangerous, she seeks a distant shore and a cure to the affliction she knows will kill her.

This is to be a tough journey through mysterious lands full of fantastic creatures. She must call on great courage and use her special powers to negotiate the perils and face powerful men with their own agenda. Does she have the guile and determination to survive? How much will she sacrifice for success? And are all of her efforts to be in vain?
In this novella - Beyond the Dominion, highly acclaimed author Chris Cloake takes you back to the epic fantasy world of his Dominion Trilogy. If you love deep story telling and inspiring imagination, you won’t want to miss this special addition to his work.

Get Beyond the Dominion and prepare to be transported to a land of aching beauty.

The Dominion - Defiant

An ancient adversary in the east seeks to invade Ordefima and claim the treasures it holds.
When his beloved sister is captured, Rupert, the youngest son of the ruling family, is sent to save her. As the power of the enemy increases, can he overcome personal tragedy, emotional entanglements and lost allegiances to emerge as the hero? Or will subversive forces and increasing austerity inspire the people to rebel against him?
The Dominion - Defiant is the second book in the fantasy trilogy. If you like epic adventure, dark brooding menace, vivid characters and imaginative settings, then you’ll love this latest instalment by popular author Chris Cloake.
Buy The Dominion - Defiant today and immerse yourself in a mythical new world.

Deeply personal

A deep and personal story with enough twists to keep you hooked. It was a lesson in how to write real relationships in the modern context and therefore helpful to a writer.

Anyone who has lost someone close (who hasn't) could find interest, insight and even solace from this book. Grief is such a deeply personal experience we all share and yet find so hard to share.

There are three main characters (one dead) and you find yourself rooting for each of them equally, even when they are at odds. This is convincing fiction I would recommend.

A real sense of loss

These are stories about finding a way to cope with the human experience. We all suffer loss in differing quantities and how we deal with that depends on our personalities. None of it is easy.

The characters in this book are haunted, so the title is appropriate. She offers no miracle transcendental solution. These people learn to live and accept their lives. In so doing, I got a bittersweet sensation and closed the cover with a knowing smile. Yes, I see. You have to carry on with what you have and get the problems into perspective. And there is nothing you can do to turn the clock back or freeze time in a happy moment.

Ultimately, it is reassuring to know you are not alone with these emotions and you need to remember that others you meet will have had the same stuff going on, however they cloud or hide this away.

The Dominion - Divided

Brand new for you.  Fantasy fiction to thrill.

For those who love deep emotion, colourful locations, perilous predicaments and mystifying menace, this book is for you. Enter the world of The Dominion and set out on a profound journey of discovery.

Nature to the fore

This author had great imagination and good experience of the subject. I was transported in the jungles of India, just as the title promises. I loved the understanding of animals, seeing the world through their eyes. They have a hidden existence that we will never be able to fully appreciate.

Essentially this is for children. As an adult I found the writing thoroughly engaging and different to the way I remember it yeats ago.

In these days where nature is getting more marginalised every year, this book reads like a champion of conservation, celebrating wildlife and the way it all fits together.

There will be a few who might take offence at some colonial references but this is actual history and you can't change facts and attitudes that have passed.

Smart, concise, engaging.

I like this author. Her use of words is clear and engaging. You can inhabit her characters quickly and get pulled along by their emotions.

And bravo to Penguin for producing these mini masterpiece books.

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The Interceptor has arrived!!

My latest work. Step into a story that will take you far, through emotions as high and low as the roads we all travel on. Watch out on my site for new offers and more details.

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The Interceptor has arrived!!

My latest work. Step into a story that will take you far, through emotions as high and low as the roads we all travel on. Watch out on my site for new offers and more details.

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