Worth reading

I love John Wyndham so this was good to read. As a story I found it to be a slow builder. There is a lot of technical detail and references to various organisations. The story plays out with great believability.

Taken as a science fiction thriller, it lacks obvious confrontation and the usual head on battles you get from Hollywood. This makes it different and doesn't bother me. It feels like a child of its time.

The rising of the water must stand as a stark warning to us in the climate change century. Wyndham has no romance or human heroics in this scenario. Selfishness and combat is what the human race falls back on when under pressure. I hope he is wrong because the high tide is coming.

Worth reading!


Absolutely perfect book that gives you great insights into most of the key archaeological discoveries and expeditions in history. Beautiful colour photos enhance the concise, clear and informative text. It just made me want more.

There is included an overview of methods, examining the effectiveness of them as well as the morality. Disputes over results are handled fairly.

Maybe an updated version could be considered in a few years time.


Being a collection of shorter stories and one novella makes the reward of stars more difficult and has to reflect the overall impression. The fact is I found most of the stories to be good, a couple less so.

Let's start with the positives. The main tale is well known but perhaps less read than it should be. The struggle between Jekyll and Hyde has parallels with most people's experiences. We all have a darker side. That this is set at a time full of such contrasts just adds to the experience.

I also loved Olalla. The mysterious girl he becomes infatuated with and the strange place she inhabits creates a thrilling tension. The ending was a little disappointing.

Markheim is gripping. To be in the mind of a killer made for an interesting journey. That ending felt much better, after the devil had intervened.

Negative for me were the stories told in the authentic Scottish dialect. All very well except I lost the will to try and understand it!


A very factual book and what fascinating facts they are! I found myself constantly marvelling at the level of human endurance in such a country and further amazed by the unique qualities of Tibetan society.

Anywhere that gets you away from the sensationalistic, greed driven world we have created seems like a paradise. To think that there are those who would impose our Western culture on something as unique as this.

The writing is precise, not flowery or sentimental, not self gratifying or judgemental. I was routing for the author all through. There is an element of sadness because of what is now gone. A vital piece of historical significance.

Essential and uplifting

A must for any Beatles fan. So if you've got this far and are considering it as a read you must be interested. Get this. Watch the documentaries on Disney+. Then you'll have a complete picture of the biggest band on the planet (ever) putting together new material.

The journey is tough at first, progress is slow. But they work around their difficulties to produce a body of work full of freshness and joy. Yet another triumph on their gold lined road.

The pictures are excellent, big and colourful. The humour is constant. It is a comment on the times as much as music.

I just can't get enough.


This is a factual account of an incredibly moving story. It avoids cliche and fake overblown adjectives. I found the background to events just as fascinating. Life in Victorian England was genuinely difficult and the use of the word poverty is totally appropriate and read from our twenty first century world brings into perspective what deprivation really means.

The society of the day proved to be cruel and kind in equal measure. Compassion followed violent distaste for Joseph Merrick. The human capacity for both is indescribable.

As a documentary this work deserves high praise. I liked the accuracy of the index, something I often find lacking in other books.


My first bit of horror for a while. The mystery in this story was well constructed, building up a tension that left you wanting to read more. In my usual way, this meant actually putting the book down at times to prevent it all being over too soon.

There are three times streams running and I like books that do this provided you can keep focused. There were no issues with this. I was drawn in to the growing terror.

Good characterisations and plenty of detail on daily life to keep things real. The use of the words and writing style is a pleasure to follow.

I found one or two bits felt contrived, but that is a small complaint for such a thrilling read.

A great story

I liked the writing style - direct, factual, correct. It lends an air of authority to a novel about a serious event in an English village. This is a great story, a wonderful premise as with much of his work. You can feel yourself drifting into some spooky sixties tv serialisation, wondering all the time where it is all going to lead.

I had not read any Wyndham for many years. I'm glad I went back for more. A master of science fiction not complicated by the box ticking correctness that affects so much art these days. This is a slice of old England, under threat from invasion and approached with typical British properness. Bravo!

The perfect book

The perfect book. As a photographer I appreciate the visual quality of the work. What is also enlightening is the text. Written inclusively, never too highbrow or preachy. The purpose of this work must be to engage you with the incredible stories of the natural world and it does this effortlessly.

You don't need to have seen the tv programmes to enjoy the experience of learning and marvelling. If more people focused on things like this the world would become a better place. Now that's me throwing out an opinion but it is my world as much as anyone's and I want to see it looked after.

Book Club Award

Very proud to announce that The Dominion has been selected by the panel of select judges for 2nd place in Sandra's Book Club Favorite Award for the month of December 2021.

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