A giveaway!

Your chance to get hold of a free kindle copy of my latest work.  

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It's my own invention

A good deal for a good price.

My book, 'Seven Days' will be available for only $0.99 from today for 36 hours only, rising to $1.99 for the next 36 hours before returning to normal price.

Well, if I was in the street I could just shout.  Or maybe take my clothes off (bad idea) or wave a big banner.  Chances are you'd freak people out.

On line is similar.  Same chance of appearing strange.  But before that you have to get someone to tune in.  Your invisible until you aren't. 

So I've been making a quiet noise for a while now.  And I'm still waiting.  Like Diana Ross.  Except she made lots of money. 

Every advertising shout you make on line costs money.  A bit of a Catch 22.  Now that was a good book.  

My first blog post

Welcome to my blog.  

It is here I will share my thoughts on what being an indie author means to me.  I will also offer any tips that might help you.

Watch this space for news of my next project.